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Capturing Data To Maintain the Momentum

Last week, we talked about the spike in demand that everyone was expecting as shops and hospitality started to reopen and how to ensure that you maintained that momentum. One of the things we mentioned was ensuring you used this uplift to capture data so you can keep these people coming back.

This week, we thought we’d explain different ways to capture customer data and explain reasons why a customer might give you their email address or like your facebook page.

Different Ways to Capture Data

Before we get into why someone would give you their information and techniques for encouraging that, let’s have a look at the different collection points you could utilise


Everyone associates data collection with the internet and clearly it has led to a monumental shift in access to data and indeed on how to utilise it, but don’t forget the ability you have away from the world wide web to capture customer data and use it to improve the user experience and ensure someone becomes a long term customer.

One proven route is to provide Wifi access in your establishment. It’s one of the first things people look for, particularly if entering somewhere they are likely to spend more than a few minutes. By offering a free Wifi service that people sign up to, you are able to capture email addresses in exchange for something people need.

You can also use the point of sale. As people complete a purchase, ask them for an email address and permission to send them follow up offers. They are at the point of buying, so you know they like what you offer and would likely be interested in follow up communication.


Your primary source of data capture will be online, via either your main website or potentially microsites you have created specifically for the purpose.

Your website should always have a sign up form, allowing people to learn more about you (see below about giving people reasons to sign up). This should have a dedicated page, but also be built into the footer of the site. Ensure you separate out people asking questions from people signing up for more information - GDPR compliance is a critical part of your communication plans.

You can also set up a series of microsites that aim to capture addresses you can use. These can be targeted specifically for a subject, enabling you to give more reasons to sign up, for example you might have a relaunch site where you enable people to sign up for alerts about when you will reopen or getting on a waiting list.

Social Media

Getting people to follow you on social media is a very good additional avenue to make the most of the increased interest and be able to stay in people’s thoughts.

Do make sure you focus on the social channels that your customers frequent. If you are unsure of where to find them, I’d recommend downloading this free eBook about thinking like your customer.

Get people to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter or Instagram, so that you increase the chance of your messages appearing in their future timelines. If you understand that your ideal customer is unlikely to give up their email address, they may feel more comfortable controlling the communication by engaging with you on social media.

Reasons Why People Give You Data

Having places you can collect data is not reason enough for someone to actually give you their data and permission to communicate with them. You need to give people a reason, because people understand the value of their data nowadays and expect something in return.

The days of just asking people to sign up to a newsletter and telling them you’ll send them lots of information are long gone. It is a value exchange, so let’s think about what you can offer that customers want.


One route is making someone feel special and letting them know that by signing up, they get access to offers and even products that others do not. People like getting something others cannot, particularly with a brand they like. Examples might be

  • Early access to a product launch, to ensure they don’t miss out

  • Limited time discount codes

  • Special delivery rates

In-store benefits

Don’t focus solely on web offers, remember that this is about driving them in store or restaurant more. Offering them free Wifi instore is something everyone wants. Paperless receipts are a big plus for many customers nowadays, so offer to email them instead.

Get imaginative, stores might offer a free coffee whilst shopping to signed up members or possibly a bonus drink at the start of a meal. Just think about what you can offer to encourage a sign up and enhance the experience, giving you and the customer a win/win situation.

Free Stuff

Ultimately, everyone loves something for free. What you can offer will be specific to your business, but remember to focus on things that ensure they are coming back to you

  • A signup bonus always goes down well. Sign up today and get 20% off your next order

  • Sign up and get this free gift with your next purchase

  • Sign up and take this voucher into the restaurant and get your first drink free

  • Sign up and after your first 3 purchases you get a £50 voucher

  • Free delivery for all signed up customers

Social Proof

People want to get something if everyone else is shouting about it, which is where the power of social proof becomes a powerful marketing weapon. This normally falls under a couple of headings

  • Influence

All these people cannot be wrong! Read what Person X is saying about our newsletter offers! Sign up to the brand that everyone is talking about!

Whatever the message, by making people see that all the cool kids are signed up and getting loads of benefits, then others are often encouraged to be a part of that. The natural extension of this is social influencers, so it’s no longer you telling them how great you are.

These don’t have to be Hollywood superstars or premier league footballers, you might find local influencers, who mention you in a facebook group and encourage others to sign up to receive your amazing offers.

  • Refer a friend

Why not utilise those already signed up via the great ideas we have already discussed. As part of the welcome programme, encourage them to tell others about you and give them an incentive. People love telling others about something they have found and you don’t know about. Of course, it means they must be a big fan of what you delivered originally, but we are taking that as read in this article!

Put some of these techniques into operation and let us know how you got on. If you need help with the ideas or how best to implement them, please do reach out, we love to talk.

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