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A Marketing Strategy For


"Thirty Three Percent has built us a practical strategy that we were able to implement straight away and make a difference to the people we aim to help"

Barry Fletcher, MD Career Connect



Career Connect is a charity that helps young people and adults reach their potential through career and employment training services.

A good proportion of the money they raise for the charity comes from services they provide as an education business provider. Career Connect was looking to grow these services beyond just their local area and they wanted to add a completely new service, outplacement support services.

Marketing had been very ad hoc and with no strategy behind it. The messaging was unclear and no focused marketing was in place, meaning no inbound leads were occurring.


Thirty Three Percent was engaged to produce an actionable strategy that would help Career Connect achieve the following

  • Launch strategy for the new service offering

  • Build a marketing strategy to grow the existing services

  • Have a process in place that they can own moving forward, without the need for expensive agencies


Thirty Three Percent was able to solve the problems that Career Connect had by working closely with them and getting a clear understanding of the charity and it's aims. The following was achieved through meetings, workshops, research and using our marketing knowledge

  • Through a series of workshops with the team, we were able to define the value proposition and who the ideal customers were

  • A full content marketing review was performed, leading to training and implementation sessions, so that Career Connect was able to take control of this area themselves

  • A thorough sales process review was produced to identify areas for improvement and to bring the new marketing efforts in line with how sales needed to work

  • Detailed competitor analysis conducted to understand strengths and weaknesses of Career Connect in the market place. We were able to recommend changes to the strategy and have a clear idea of the channel focus as well as who the customer was



Career Connect was able to move forward with both services and begun getting orders for the new proposition before the project was even complete. As part of the success, Thirty Three Percent were able to deliver the following

  • We put in place a strategy that enabled the two services to both stand out and appeal to their ideal customers. This included helping put together a website strategy for the new services

  • Marketing strategies were put in place for both of the different propositions, ensuring that each got the right planning and process to take them forward

  • A content strategy has been implemented, a full team trained on how to produce content moving forward and 6 months worth of initial content ideas were put in place

  • By putting the audience avatars in place, we were able to focus Career Connect on the channels that mattered to them

"Thirty Three Percent immediately understood our organisations and was able to bring the teams together, empowering us to really take control of our marketing going forward.

They understood a complex proposition and identified the two different audiences we had. I was impressed with how they got underneath the skin of our organisation and put themselves in our shoes."

Barry Fletcher, MD Career Connect

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