Know your audience And

where to find them

Are you struggling to find new customers? 
Are you wasting time and money on marketing that's not working?

If you don't know your audience well enough, you won't be saying the right things, in the right places.

This is an online one-to-one workshop dedicated JUST to your business. 
We only run FOUR one-to-one sessions a month.

We will identify who your audience really is and map to the right channels, so we can allocate your time and money to getting new customers


"Don’t just create content to get credit for being clever — create content that will be helpful, insightful, or interesting for your target audience"

- David Ogilvy

Our most popular workshop, "Know your audience and where to find them" is a dedicated 1-2-1 session specifically designed for people struggling to reach their audience and finding new customers

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the massive choice of marketing options available, then this workshop is perfect for you. It will allow you to save time and money, whilst increasing customers, by helping you focus on the right options for your business.

The entire 2 hours is just focused on your business, its audience and where to find them online.

In addition to this great workshop, you'll also receive

  • 25 FREE audience avatars

  • FREE mapping tool to help you market to the right channels

  • 50 FREE social media conversation starters


Audience Avatar

Build an avatar of your actual audience, that you can take away and use whenever you need to build marketing content

Find Your Customers Online

Take the audience avatar and understand the places they can be found online, using our unique mapping tool designed specifically for small businesses like yours

Say the Right Things

By knowing your audience and where they are, you'll come away with a clear understanding of what to say to them and how to say it

Do Your Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day

By completing this workshop, you take a massive step towards being able to complete your marketing in 30 minutes a day, by utilising these techniques.

Targeted channel choice - don't waste time marketing on channels where your audience isn't

Intelligent use of web content - Don't waste time creating new copy every time you set up a campaign. Have a clear view of what you should be saying, which means less time writing new content

Work efficiently - Everyone works better when they are not feeling overwhelmed. By having the clarity of who your audience is and where they are, you'll have the energy to work more efficiently

So join us for a 121 workshop that is focused solely on YOUR business, it's audience and where to find them online. You will truly understand your audience and where to find them, helping you clear away the elements of marketing that are wasting your time.

In addition to that, you also get

  • 25 FREE audience avatars

  • FREE mapping tool to help you market to the right channels

  • 50 FREE social media conversation starters


25 Customer Avatar Profiles

We've created 25 customer avatars that you can take and use, split by niche and sector. You can customise them for yourself or just take one and focus your marketing efforts on getting to them right away.

50 Social Media Conversation Starters

Not sure what to say when you enter a conversation on Social Media. We've done the hard work for you. You'll receive 50 possible captions to use on your social media posts that will help engage your ideal customers.

Channel Mapping Tool

We've broken down every single channel and given you detailed demographics for each as well as a run down of what they all do. Take you customer profile and line it up to give you exactly the places you need to be active in order to reach your audience

Is this workshop right for you?
Do any of the following sound familiar?

I feel overwhelmed by the amount of marketing options available

Need more customers but don't know where to find them

Starting up and really not sure who your audience is

Struggling to find the time to do marketing 'properly'

Unsure how to talk to your potential customers

You'd love to be able to do your marketing in 30 minutes a day


  • Two-hours of one-to-one coaching, all about YOUR business

  • A clear understanding of your audience

  • Knowledge of the channels that work for you

  • Social Media conversation starters

  • Audience Avatars

  • Channel Mapping Tool

Ultimately helping you take the first step towards doing your marketing in 30 minutes a day


In this one-to-one workshop, we will cover

Part 1 - Who is your ideal customer?

Part 2 - What is an audience avatar and how to use it?

Part 3 - Design your ideal audience avatar

Part 4 - Mapping your audience to your channels

Part 5 - How to talk to those channels

In addition to that, you also get

  • 25 FREE audience avatars

  • FREE mapping tool to help you market to the right channels

  • 50 FREE Social Media conversation starters

  • We will help you properly understand your audience.

    2 hr

    199 British pounds