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Architects Brand & Marketing Strategy

KKA Architecture

"James and Garry were instrumental in helping KKA change the ethos, culture and outlook of our company and how we deliver our service. They also acted as impartial advisers and experts on our soft rebrand bringing this objectivity and expertise to bear at each stage."

Kasia Borkowska, Director, KKA Architecture



KKA is an architectural business based in Liverpool. It is a firm steeped in history with some extremely high profile projects across the UK including the LFC megastore at Anfield, their new Kirkby training centre, as well as a new hotel that sits directly over the start/finish line at Silverstone.

The team came to us following a management buyout that saw two of the firm’s senior managers progress into an ownership role with a desire to modernise the business and update the direction.


They were also extremely focussed on ensuring that the team was a part of the process and helped co-create the vision for the future.


We set out several goals with them

  • To help them understand what made KKA special

  • What was it about the team that the clients loved

  • How could we move the organisation forward, without forgetting the history and heritage of the brand


The first task was to understand what made KKA special. This is usually the time we break out the plastic bricks for a Lego Serious Play workshop - but this happened to be right in the middle of lockdown, so we sent Lego to each of the 30 participants and held a Serious Play Workshop via Zoom.


Across four workshops we were able to identify the core values of the business and build a landscape for what the future of KKA should be.

A series of interviews with some of KKA’s key clients helped illustrate what made the business special. They helped balance the internal views with those of the target audience to ensure a proposition that would ultimately win more great clients.

We developed a brand positioning and marketing strategy that was used as the basis to create a brief for future design, PR and Social Media.



We continued to work with KKA throughout the branding phase to help keep the process on track and ensure the visual identity met with the strategy.


We also helped to onboard the PR and social agency to guarantee the process got off to a great start.

As a result of the work and our continued involvement, a successful website project was run that reflected our new value proposition and visually represents the brand moving forward.

Since the project, the business has rebranded as KKA Studio and continues to win projects throughout the UK

"Fundamentally, our outlook is now different and their assistance has been a key part in helping us to understand how we can best operate in the marketplace and in the interest of our colleagues and clients"

Kasia Borkowska, Director, KKA Architecture

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