We started Thirty Three Percent at the start of the first Lockdown because we wanted to help small business make better use of online, through efficient and effective marketing.

We received so much support and positive feedback, that as we enter a second Lockdown, at such a potentially devastating time for small business, we wanted to repay that kindness by offering free workshops for small and local businesses.


Therefore, we'd welcome any small business affected by the current situation to apply for a free workshop. We'll get in contact with you and talk through your situation to work out what sort of workshop would be best for you.


At Thirty Three Percent we can offer support on a variety of subjects

Apply Now for a Free Workshop

Are You a Small Business Affected by the New Lockdown?

If you have been affected by the new lockdown and need support maximising the opportunity online gives you, then we want to help YOU

Where to find your online customers

How to convert visitors into long term customers

Understanding which channels work for you

Building a marketing strategy

Understanding what your brand is

Visualising what your customer looks like

How to write engaging content

Unearthing what makes your business special and focusing on your niche

Designing a content plan

Understanding if running a business is right for you

There are probably more, but you get the picture. We've got over 40 years experience of running businesses, doing marketing for small and large businesses and we want to use that to help YOU


Simply put, we'll work that out as we go along! We wanted to get this offer out as quickly as possible, then we'll work out how best we can help.


Three things are guaranteed

We'll try and tailor the workshop to things that are relevant to you

It will be delivered online

It will NOT be a sales call


We think we are all frankly sick of people offering free courses/workshops that are essentially a

30-minute sales pitch

It may be some of the workshops will be delivered 121, some will be group sessions, others might be free access to our online courses. This will depend on who applies and how many people apply. We want to help as many people as possible, but there are only so many hours in a day, so grouping people and giving them a network of others that they can rely on should be another positive to come out of this.

I did the workshop because I wanted to kickstart my business and was looking for inspiration for how to reach a wider customer base. Not only was I able to get a great understanding of my customer and where to find them, but I was able to come up with a brand new niche and have now set up a totally new shop alongside my original business

—  Faye Walker, Owner, FW Artistry